Welcome to ChipCrafts

Chip Crafts is crafted with the trust of its clients and satisfaction of the academic candidates.

Chip Crafts is a Leading Product Development and Corporate Training Center for Embedded system & VLSI Designs[FPGA] to cater the candidates. We provide the powerful solution what you are looking for.

We have a strong vision on the Product research and development to cater our customers with the extreme quality products. Also we offer the training with cutting edge tools for both Microcontrollers and VLSI Designs.

Our key areas of training programs are offered as follows.


Embedded Systems Design

Intel 8051 Core

Microchip PIC 16/18/24

Microcontroller Core

ARM7, ARM9, ARM11 Core

MSP430 Core


VLSI Designs

Verilog HDL


Nios II Processor Design

Verilog HDL